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What experts and moms have to say about fitnow

As a gynecologist with a special interest in pelvic floor disorders I understand the impact pregnancy and delivery can have on the body, particularly on the pelvic floor. Staying physically active while pregnant can help prevent excess weight gain, reduce backache, improve sleep quality, increase energy levels, prepare for labor, and much more. Therefore, as long as medical conditions allow, pregnancy is not the time to sit back and relax. Regular exercise is key. And starting early with the right program after giving birth can speed up your recovery and help you deal with the hard task of motherhood.


Amparo’s programs offer knowledge, structure as well as effective and safe workouts to accompany women in their pregnancy and postpartum journey. And, having completed both fitnow programs myself (twice!), I can recommend the programs to all women who care about staying in shape during and after pregnancy. 

One of fitnow's testimonials, Dr. med. Esther Ruess Esther Ruess, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Switzerland (Europe)

As a nurse, I accompany hundreds of women every year in the first weeks after giving birth. I am aware how important it is that mothers invest the time to take care of themselves physically and mentally - which can be difficult when a newborn requires so much attention. I always say, it is key to find some time to put yourself first and recharge.


I accompanied Amparo through both of her postnatal journeys. It surprised me how quick her recovery was, that's how she made me aware of her expertise as a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, and she guided me through her programs. I was hooked immediately! I could already see why they are so effective: start early and progressively increase the intensity, always safe exercises, short sessions that fit perfectly into moms' busy schedule... all within one app. And it covers the very important basics, pelvic floor and core re-building, just like a traditional recovery course, but adding that extra fitness energy and functional way of training. 

fitnow testimonial

Beatrix Berger, Nurse & Breastfeeding Expert (Nursing Specialist and Lactation Consultant, from Switzerland, Europe)

As a gynecologist, working daily with pregnant women and fresh mothers, I see the impact that pregnancy and postpartum have on womens' bodies. To support women navigate through these physical changes, regular activity and exercise is a clear recommendation. However it is important to make sure that the exercise program is safe; it should be adapted to each stage of the pregnancy and postpartum journey - accompanied by a prenatal & postnatal fitness expert. 


Amparo's programs offer that knowledge and step-by-step approach, keeping the workouts effective but safe at all times. Especially in the postnatal period, Amparo's program allows fresh moms to start with safe basics shortly after giving birth – resulting in much more motivation to continue excercising.

Highly recommended!

Dr. med. Stefanie Arbogast

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Switzerland, Europe

What moms-to-be and new moms say about fitnow

Best postnatal workout programme! It is much more challenging than traditional post-natal courses, making it perfect for women who want to quickly get back to their old fitness levels.

You can start straight after giving birth with easy exercises and Amparo's to-do lists are great, providing a structure when the daily routine with baby is still a bit new. So happy I discovered this programme and can highly recommend to all fresh mothers! 

Sina, Germany

Doing this program after giving birth was the best decision ever! Amparo was able to keep me motivated, and that wasn't easy given the fact that it was an online program and that I had a newborn home! I started the program only a few days after givng birth and the way Amparo slowly but constantly introduces excercise is the absolutely perfect. I got back in shape so much quicker because of her program, I recommend to any new mom!

Mireia, Spain

Invest in yourself

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy is a time of radical changes in your body. It is important to adapt your fitness routine to make sure that the workouts are safe for you and the baby, and at the same time effective. Staying fit during and after pregnancy is an investment in yourself: your body and your mind.

My app-based Pregnant & Strong and Back in Shape programs will show you how to stay fit throughout your entire pregnancy and get back in shape very fast after childbirth – you can do it! I will inspire and accompany you in this beautiful journey to help you have a healthier and fitter pre and postnatal experience – let’s do it! 

Mobile screenshot of fitnow's tailored app
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