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Amparo, certified pre and postnatal fitness expert and founder of fitnow working out whilst being pregnant

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Trying out something new can be scary, especially during pregnancy and postpartum with the numerous questions and myths around physical activity.


There is no secret on how to stay active until the end of your pregnancy or regain your strength after having a baby. It is rather simple: you need to be persistent, you need to do the work. And it will be easier to do so if you find a program that you enjoy and keeps you motivated! 


fitnow wants to make this decision easy for you. You can sign up below for a free trial workout and, additionally, when you buy any fitnow program you are entitled to a 7-day money-back-guarantee.

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Throughout the journey of pregnancy and postpartum, your body undergoes remarkable changes. To ensure that your workouts are both effective, helping you stay fit, strong, and confident during each phase, and safe, it is essential to tailor your exercise routine accordingly.

Remaining active during and after pregnancy is an invaluable investment in your overall well-being, benefiting both your body and your mind. Our fitnow programs are designed to guide you through a fitness journey that supports you throughout your entire pregnancy and helps you quickly regain your fitness level after giving birth. Are you ready to invest in yourself?

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