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Pregnant & Strong

Your virtual pregnancy personal trainer: safe and effective workouts to stay fit until the end of your pregnancy

Mobile screenshot of the tailored fitnow app, showing the workout screen

✔ Train safely and effectively at every stage of your pregnancy with 500+ exercises and 10+ educational videos
✔ Choose the time and the place with app-based workouts for anytime & anywhere
✔ Fit the workouts in your busy schedule thanks to flexible and short sessions

 Chat over the app directly with Amparo, prenatal & posnatal personal trainer, anytime to answer your doubts or questions
✔ Start at your own time and decide flexibly with 2nd and 3rd trimester packages

✔ Keep track of your progress with a daily workout checklist

✔ Get your money back if you’re not satisfied with our 7-day money-back-guarantee

CHF 150.-

That's less than CHF 5.- per week 

Pregnant & Strong in a nutshell

Pregnant & Strong  is a program adapted to the needs of your body during pregnancy. The functional workouts target your entire body, adapt to each week of your pregnancy and focus on strength training with low/no impact cardio exercises from Week 13 to Week 40!

Each week you have access to 1 guided workout "live" with Amparo and 2 exercised-based workouts that will make you feel motivated and safe through each stage of your journey as a mom-to-be. In addition, we will work the pelvic floor and transversus abdominis, critical muscles during and after pregnancy!

With 500+ exercises and 10+ informative videos, you have everything you need to exercise safely and effectively until the end of your pregnancy!

Your program to stay fit & strong during pregnancy

The key facts without information overload

At the start of the program, you will get access to 10+ explanation videos that contain the key facts you want to know about training safely and effectively during pregnancy

Pelvic floor & transversus abdominis trainer

Learn to train your deep core muscles; your pelvic floor muscles and your transversus abdominis. Training these muscles is key to decrease the probability of issues after giving birth, such as diastasis recti or urinary incontinence.

Functional safe & effective workouts 3x per week

Apart from the basic exercises for the pelvic floor and abdominals, you will stay fit thanks to the challenging but doable functional workouts three times per week - you will discover 500+ exercises to integrate into your active pregnancy routines. Train exercise-based at your pace 2x per week and follow-along with Amparo 1x per week.

App-based trainer for full flexibility and daily planner

Enjoy full flexibility to access the program anytime, anywhere through the fitnow app. Your daily exercises are planned in the fitnow calendar so you don't need to think about what to do everyday, just log in and get started. You can also connect your fitness tracker, enter other activities and more!

Direct chat access to a prenatal and postnatal fitness expert

Any doubts or questions about the program or fitness-related? Over the fitnow app, you will have direct access to chatting with Amparo, your personal trainer for pregnancy and postpartum, who can share invaluable tips and experience during this special time of radical changes in your body.

Benefits of training during pregnancy

  • Increase your muscle tone, strength, endurance, fitness level and confidence through each trimester until the end of your pregnancy

  • Help your body and your mind prepare for a positive childbirth and labor experience 

  • Control your weight gain, supporting a healthy pregnancy and a faster return to normal weight after childbirth 

  • Improve your energy levels, your mood and your sleep quality 

  • Strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture 

  • Strengthen your transversus abdominis and your pelvic floor, both critical muscles for giving birth 

  • Reduce back pain, water retention, constipation, bloating and swelling 

  • Decrease the probability of gestational diabetes 

  • Reduce the chances of postpartum depression 

Pregnant woman hiking in the mountains and being fit

What moms-to-be say about Pregnant & Strong

Amparo is an incredible trainer. She is  motivated to help each individual reach their highest potential. She is supportive, informative and very knowledgeable. Her program Pregnant & Strong helped me stay active and motivated until the end of my pregnancy. 

Justine, England

What a great way to go through pregnancy! A great program with exercises just challenging enough to make you feel like you've achieved something. Amparo is always there to give insights and advice which made the experience overall very positive! Highly recommend!

Gitti, Switzerland

About Me

Hey there, I‘m Amparo! I am a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, personal trainer and nutrition coach based in Zurich, Switzerland. But most importantly, I am a mom of two myself! My heart is all about inspiring women through fitness, to help them become stronger, healthier and more confident.

My app-based programs will show you how I stayed fit throughout my entire pregnancy and got back in shape very fast after childbirth – if I managed, you can do it too! I will inspire and accompany you in this beautiful journey to help you have a healthier and fitter pre and postnatal experience – let’s do it! 

Amparo, the certified pre and postnatal expert behind fitnow with her daughter in her arms

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