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Amparo, the certified pre and postnatal expert behind fitnow, with her daugher in her arms


Frequently asked questions

  • What can I expect in the pregnancy program?
    The Pregnant & Strong program is designed for moms-to-be who would like to stay physically active during the entire duration of their pregnancies. Studies have shown that staying active until the end of your pregnancy has many advantages for mom and baby. The program includes: Planned App training: access the on-demand workouts anywhere from my App. Including reminders to complete all exercises daily 3 functional full-body workouts per week, focused on strength training and low/no impact cardio exercises (from Week 13 to Week 40): 1 guided workout "live" with Amparo and 2 full-body exercise-based workouts Adapted workouts to every single week of your pregnancy: all workouts were filmed during each week of Amparo’s pregnancy to make the program authentic and show you that the exercises are safe and doable for each stage of your pregnancy journey 500+ exercises, you will never get bored! Core foundational exercises, with special focus on your transversus abdominis and pelvic floor muscles Access to 10+ informative videos with everything you need to know to exercising while pregnant
  • What can I expect in the postnatal program?
    The Back in Shape program is designed for new moms. Any woman can sign up right after giving birth or months after giving birth. The standard program is made of 12 weeks of training (or 14 weeks for C-section recovery). It can be adapted to your needs depending where you are at in your postnatal journey. The program includes: Planned App training: access the on-demand workouts anytime, anywhere from my App. Including reminders to complete all exercises daily 2 training phases to adapt to the needs of your body after childbirth and get you back in Shape Phase 1: Regaining your basic strength (Weeks 1-5 for vaginal birth and Weeks 1-7 for C-Section): recharging short sessions to fit your baby-schedule and get some time for yourself. Focus is your pelvic floor and your abdominal wall. You will also find a weekly guided exercise session "live" with Amparo from week 3 (or 5 for C-Section). Phase 2: Getting back in shape (Weeks 6-12 for vaginal birth and Weeks 8-14 for C-section): continue with basic training and add 3 workouts per week that gradually increase in intensity. Focus is to progressively get you fitter and stronger, regain your body shape and fitness level. You will find 1 full-body guided workout “live” with Amparo and 2 full-body exercise-based workouts per week. 200+ exercises, you will never get bored! Core foundational exercises to correct diastasis recti and regain your abs, back and pelvic floor strength Access to 10+ informative videos with everything you need to know to exercising after childbirth The Back in Shape program is recognized as a postnatal recovery course by most Swiss health insurance companies.
  • Is the post-pregnancy program cost covered by the insurance?
    In Switzerland, where most of our clients come from, most insurances cover a part of the costs for “Rückbildungskurse” (post-partum recovery course) and the fitnow “Back in Shape” is such a course. So yes! However, there are a few insurance companies (e.g. SWICA) that do not cover the costs since they only accept their own-approved courses. Until today, only 2 of our Swiss-based customers did not receive get reimbursed.
  • Is the post-pregnancy program compatible with breastfeeding?
    Yes! In fact, in the first week of the program you will find one video explaining exactly this topic: all around training and breastfeeding. There are some tricks that will make it easier for you to handle the logistics as well as your comfort during training.
  • How early can I start the post-pregnancy program?
    The post-pregnancy program has been created specifically and especially for moms who just gave birth, and no one else! That means, it is safe to start the program right after birth (literally) since it was designed to fit the needs then. However, the timing is not relevant and it is very personal. You can start right after birth (the first week is only explanation videos) or weeks/months after, even a year after if you need to re-build strength from zero. Our recommendation is that you join the program as soon as it feels right for you after giving birth, ideally before 6 months post-partum.
  • Do I need any material for the workouts?
    We use 2 small dumbbells for the workouts of approximately 2kg each (for some exercises). However, depending on your fitness level, you can use more or less weight. The good thing is, you do not really need dumbbells for your workouts, you can use bottles of water (you can re-fill them with sand or water) or even cans! There are several home-made options that you can use to complete the exercises. Here are some 2KG dumbbells I recommend: go to amazon. If you need more weight, you can find heavier dumbbells: 3KG or 5KG. Or even a set with several dumbbells. Ideally, you also have a training mat to make your exercise session more comfortable at home. The one in the link is ideal because it prevents slipping.
  • Are there any contraindications to joining the programs?
    Yes, and it is important to be aware of them and discuss with your doctor or midwife. All fitnow programs and workouts are designed generally for expectant mothers and/or recent mothers. However, exercise programs have inherent risks, the degree of which depends on your individual health, condition and fitness. This is why it is important that you consult with your doctor or midwife to understand how the exercises of this program may affect you, your health and your baby. There are contraindications to exercise during pregnancy (e.g. placenta praevia, regular bleeding, shortened cervix, among others) and after childbirth (e.g. pain, heavy bleeding, high degree of diastasis recti, among others) that limit the exercises you can do, their intensity and type.
  • Can I sign up for a trial?
    Both programs, Pregnant & Strong and Back in Shape, have a 7-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that, if you are not happy with the purchase or the program does not meet your expectations (and you let me know within 7 days), you will get the money back. You can also sign up for a trial week before making a purchase to taste the type of training that is awaiting you.
  • Is the payment for the program one-time or do I pay per month?
    It is just a one-time upfront payment.
  • How does the order process work?
    To start working out, the process is really easy! Purchase your program so we can add you to the system as a customer and assign your program Download and install the app. You will receive the link to the app and steps to create your login after you have been added as a customer in the system. You will also need to complete a quick questionnaire to inform us of any medical issues or limitations for your training program. Login and start training! We will then be in touch over the Messenger function inside the app.
  • How does the fitnow app look like and what does it include apart from the program?
    The fitnow app is really user friendly and integrates many more functionalities than just the program! You have access to all the exercises in a daily view or calendar view, you can track other information such as your weight development, daily steps, etc. and you have access to the private messenger to stay in touch with Amparo directly over the app. This instagram video might give you an idea of how the app looks like.
  • Can I find the fitnow app in the App Store?
    If you have an Android device, you will find the app in the app store. However, you can only use it and log in if you have a customer account (that means, you are signed up for any of the fitnow programs). If you have an Apple device, you will not find the app in the store. In order to download the app, you first need to buy one of the fitnow programs – once this is done, you will receive all the information needed per email to download and install the app.
  • Where can I find more customer reviews?
    You can find more customer reviews on the fitnow profile on Google.
  • What certifications do you have?
    Apart from being a sporty mom and having a passion for sports & fitness, I have the following fitness certifications: Prenatal Fitness Specialist Postnatal Fitness Specialist Bootcamp Fuctional Trainer Group Fitness Instructor Fitness Nutrition Several Les Mills Trainer certifications (LM Bodypump, LM Bodycombat, LM Core)
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