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Amparo, the certified pre and postnatal fitness expert behind fitnow, with her daughter in her arms

About Amparo 

Hi there, I'm Amparo, let's get fit together!

Hi, I’m Amparo! As a prenatal and postnatal fitness expert with 10+ years of experience AND a mom of two, it is my mission to support women stay fit, strong and confident during and after pregnancy!

My programs are authentic and adapted to each stage of your pregnancy and post-pregnancy 

All my workouts were recorded during my own pre-and postnatal experience. You will see my belly growing together with yours as we go along the pregnancy program, making you feel safe and confident about your progress! And of course, we will see our bodies change and gradually get fitter as we train together during your post-pregnancy journey.

You can train anytime, anywhere to fit your busy schedule
My programs are app-based and very flexible. I am aware of how busy life is, so the workouts are adapted to fit your life style and to avoid additional stress. Having access through my app, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits from a digital personal training program including explanatory videos with all you need to know for exercising during and after pregnancy!

Join me during this beautiful and life-changing journey! 

Women who train with me say that I am very passionate, target-oriented and energizing. Using my pregnancy and postnatal programs, these women have been able to profit from all the benefits sports generate for them and their babies.

I look forward to transmitting all my energy to you through my fitness programs!

Join me to stay fit until the end of your pregnancy and get back in shape faster after childbirth!

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