Pregnant & Strong

If you are looking for full-body workouts that will help you maintain your strength make you sweat, then you have found the right pregnancy workout program!


The program includes:

  • Planned App training: access the workouts anytime, anywhere from my App. Including on-demand workouts and reminders to complete all exercises daily
  • 2 full-body workouts per week, focused on strength training and low/no impact cardio exercises (from Week 13): adapted workouts of every single week of your pregnancy. All workouts were filmed during each week of my pregnancy to make the program authentic and show you that the exercises are safe and doable for each stage of your pregnancy journey
  • 500+ exercises, you will never get bored!
  • Core foundational exercises, with special focus on your transversus abdominis and pelvic floor muscles
  • Access to 10+ informative videos with everything you need to know to exercising while pregnant

Why train with me during pregnancy?

  • Real workouts for pregnancy: as your pregnancy progresses, so does mine! You can see my belly growing week by week to demonstrate that the workouts are safe and doable for the entire pregnancy
  • Access anytime, anywhere: all workouts and exclusive videos are available on my App (as well as many other App features)
  • One price for the entire pregnancy: pay once and get access to all materials and workouts, no tricks
  • Fully certified pre- and postnatal fitness specialist: my workouts are built to adapt to pregnancy needs and body changes, making them safe for you and your baby

Pregnant & Strong

Pregnancy app-workouts

CHF 150.-

I've recently joined the pre-natal program with Amparo, I'm now in my third trimester, I was not the most active person pre-pregnancy, but I wanted to make sure I stayed somewhat active and manage weight gain throughout the pregnancy. The program is great to keep up with these goals, it's challenging but still feasible, the sessions duration is perfect to fit in my schedule, the app is easy to use, the explanations are very good, Amparo is reactive and supportive if you have any question. I can only recommend to any mom-to-be and I will definitely sign up for the post pregnancy program! - Marie, Zurich

Why should you stay active during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time of change in many different ways (hormonal, muscular, cardiovascular…). It is important to stay physically active in order to profit from all the benefits that sports bring to the baby and to ourselves: reduced risk of late pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, regulate an appropriate maternal weight gain and get back in shape quicker after the birth, prepare for labor, maintain mental health and emotional well-being during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, optimize fetal growth by increasing the functional capacity of the placenta in delivering nutrients to the baby, and much more!


You can stay strong and energized during and after pregnancy, and enjoy motherhood without giving up on your yourself, your body, your well-being, your confidence and your ambitions. It is possible. You are not just a mom, you are also a woman! Invest in yourself and enjoy all the benefits exercise can generate for you and your baby!

Please note that all my programs and workouts are designed generally for expectant mothers and/or recent mothers. However, exercise programs have inherent risks, the degree of which depends on your individual health, condition and fitness. It is important that you consult with your doctor or midwife to understand how the exercises of this program may affect you, your health and your baby. There are contraindications to exercise during pregnancy (e.g. placenta praevia, regular bleeding, shortened cervix, among others) and after childbirth (e.g. pain, heavy bleeding, high degree of diastasis recti, among others) that limit the exercises you can do, their intensity and type. Getting the permission from your doctor is a requirement before engaging in these workouts.

By signing up for the program you agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Release of liability.