Back in Shape

Effective workouts to regain your strength and fitness level after childbirth

Train safely and effectively with 120+ exercises and workouts that are specifically adapted to your conditions after birth

Choose the time and the place with app-based workouts for anytime & anywhere

Fit the workouts in your busy schedule thanks to flexible and short sessions

Keep track of your progress with a daily workout checklist

Get your money back if you’re not satisfied with our 7-day money-back-guarantee


CHF 150.-

CHF 12.50 a week

Your benefits

Get back in shape and get rid of extra pregnancy weight faster after giving birth 

Feel confident and proud of your progress, getting fitter as workouts gradually increase in intensity

Correct diastasis recti (separation of your ab muscles) to avoid further complications and help flatten your belly

Regain and increase your muscle tone after birth, improving your posture and strengthening your back muscles 

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to get rid of urinary incontinence or similar dysfunctions

About Back in Shape

Back in Shape  is a program adapted to the needs of your body after childbirth with two training phases. We start with a recovery phase to regain your basic strength after the birth (5 to 7 weeks depending on the type of birth) focusing on the pelvic floor and abdominal wall, especially important if you suffer diastasis recti. 

The second phase (7 weeks) is about getting back in shape with fuctional full-body workouts that gradually increase in intensity. The focus is to get fitter, stronger and more confident.

This program replaces a typical "birth recovery" course. With 120+ exercises and 10+ informative videos, you have everything you need to exercise effectively after giving birth!

What moms say about Back in Shape

Saskia, Zurich

I loved the postnatal program. After my first pregnancy I could not find anything remotely similar so I was really happy when I discovered this program after my 2nd. I particularly liked that it starts right after birth when I felt so eager to start working out again but had to hold off for the 6 weeks. This program gave me back some control over that period to already built up the pelvic floor and then be able to start actual workouts at week 6 without having to research what is safe at what stage. I loved that every single workout is different and they slowly built up in intensity to keep up with your own process. For me also the reminders and the daily todo list worked really well. You can ask Amparo questions along the way and can really see how much love she put into building the exercises. Highly recommend it and wish I would have discovered it earlier! 12 weeks post partum I could actually jump on a trampoline without feeling my pelvic floor which I think speaks for the effectiveness of these exercises:)

Julia, Basel

I am training with Amparo since the birth of my little boy. Due to the fact that I had a c-section she adapted my program slightly. The daily exercises are short and fit the tight timeschedule of a new mum :-) The app is very simple and easy to understand and use. You can contact Amparo via the chat function and ask her any questions, she will reply immediatly. I can totally recommend Amparo as a trainer, the app & the exercises!! 5 stars from my side :-)

Laura, Zurich

Amparo ist eine sehr engagierte Instructorin! Ich schätzte besonders am Rückbildungsprogramm, dass sie auf mich persönlich eingegangen ist und nach meinen Bedürfnissen meinen Fitness Plan zusammengestellt hat. Zudem ist sie sehr schnell mit zurückschreiben und ich erhielt immer wieder motivierendes Feedback. Die erklärenden Videos in der App sind auch super und man merkt, dass sie wirklich viel weiss über die Anatomie nach der Geburt. Kann ich jeder empfehlen, die nach der Geburt wieder fit werden will.

Justine, Zurich

Thank you Amparo for your Back in Shape program! I feel great and the workouts suit life with a baby well! Your flexibility and willingness to adapt the programs to individually suit my needs is exactly what I needed :) Thank you! I recommend the programs to all new moms out there!

Martina, Zurich

I use the post pregnancy app. Amparo adapted the program to my personal situation after brief consultation with me. With breastfeeding and sleep deprivation, I had lost too much weight. The program helped me to rebuild my muscles and strength well. It is a very good guide where you always know what exercises you are allowed to do at each stage. Especially in the first weeks, when you are still a bit cautious, the program already has a few simple, very gentle exercises that strengthen you a bit. Of course, pelvic floor training is also integrated. After that, the training gradually gets a bit harder. Which I think is great. By the way: The videos of the exercises are great to watch while breastfeeding and to do afterwards while the baby is lying on the blanket and enjoying the demonstration.

Sabine, Munich

The Back in Shape program is very good! Thank you so much Amparo! Looking forward for the next weeks and trainings!

Claudia, Zurich

Due to the pandemic I was looking for a program I could use after the birth of my child and which I had the feeling I could trust. Amparos program was great! I appreciated that she took the time to explain all the different aspects of the training and how to do the exercises correctly. Amparo did make changes to the workouts due to my individual case and helped me with further tipps when needed. The workouts build up on one another and they never get boring :) I am happy I found this program!

Sadaf, Montreux

I would highly recommend Amparos program for post partum. The program is very well explained and there is a variety of exercices. She is a great source of motivation!

Marie, Zurich

Ich habe bereits vor und in meiner Schwangerschaft mit Amparo trainiert, so dass mir die Entscheidung für ihr Programm nach der Schwangerschaft leicht gefallen ist. Das Trainingsprogramm und die einzelnen Übungen werden super erklärt und bauen sich langsam auf, so dass man nicht zu schnell, sondern angemessen trainiert. Die Trainingszeiten können zeitlich flexibel durchgeführt werden, bei Bedarf kann man das Programm entsprechend adaptieren. Zudem ist Amparo für Rückfragen und Tipps immer erreichbar.

Lisa, Zurich

I very much enjoyed the training app from Amparo.
After giving birth to my first child Amparos program provided me a consistent workout structure.
At the beginning of the program Amparo shares important information about the changes to your body after giving birth and explains really well what kind of exercises should be avoided first.
Over the course of the 12-week program the training intensity is slowly increasing.
Amparo interacts with you via the app, which helps to stay on track and motivates even further.
At the end of the program I was almost entirely back to my normal excise routine.
To summarise: I can fully recommend the training program!

About me

Hey there, I‘m Amparo! I am a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, personal trainer and nutrition coach. But most importantly, I am a recent mom myself! My heart is all about inspiring women through fitness, to help them become stronger, healthier and more confident.

My app-based programs will show you how I stayed fit throughout my entire pregnancy and got back in shape very fast after childbirth – if I managed, you can do it too! I will inspire and accompany you in this beautiful journey to help you have a healthier and fitter pre and postnatal experience – let’s do it!