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Stay active, strong and confident during pregnancy and get back in shape faster after having a baby. Pregnant&Strong and Back in Shape accompany you through your pregnancy and the first months of post-pregnancy. The programs are app-based so you can train anytime, anywhere. Get 15% off both programs if you purchase them at the same time. 

Combo-Package: Pregnant & Strong and Back in Shape

  • The Pregnant & Strong and Back in Shape programs are specially designed for moms-to-be a new moms. The goal is to help you navigate pregnancy and the postpartum period with adapted exercises that are safe but effective, helping you stay active and strong during pregnancy and recover faster after childbirth. 

    The programs include:

    ✔ 10+ educational videos in each program to teach you the key facts about training safely and effectively during pregnancy and after having a baby

    ✔ Planned app-based training from Pregnancy Week 13 to 40 as well as Postnatal Week 0 to 12 (starting date flexible), so you can follow along daily on your open "to dos"

    ✔ Pelvic floor and abdominal exercises especifically for pregnancy and postpartum, helping to reduce the risk of diastasis recti and urinary incontinence, and regain the "flat belly" after giving birth

    ✔ Special exercises and massages for C-section recovery to recover the full flexibility in the scar area, if applicable to your needs

    ✔ 3 full-body functional workouts per week (with 700+ exercises!) focused on strength training, conditioning and endurance: 1 follow-along workout "live" with Amparo and 2 full-body exercise-based workouts

    ✔ Safe, effective and authentic workouts adapted to every single week of your pregnancy and your postpartum journey: all workouts were filmed during Amparo's pregnancy and post-pregnancy weeks

    ✔ Direct chat access in the fitnow app to Amparo, prenatal and postnatal fitness expert

     ✔... and more app features, such as connecting your fitness tracker, tracking your weight development, or entering different activities (e.g. swimming)

    The postpartum program is swiss-insurance recognized: the program / Rückbildungskurs is recognized by most of the insurance companies in Switzerland as part of the complementary insurance (Zusatzversicherung). The refund differs among insurances and is dependent on the conditions of your complementary insurance (Zusatzversicherung). If you are not living in Switzerland, the reimburse will depend on your country of residence, your insurance and your policy.

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