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Back in Shape supports new moms to rebuild their fitness, strength and confidence after giving birth. The program is app-based so you can train anytime, anywhere. The duration of the program is 12 weeks (or 14 weeks for C-section recovery).

Back in Shape

CHF 150.00Price
  • The Back in Shape program is designed for new moms. However, any woman can sign up even months after giving birth. The standard program is made of 12 weeks of training (or 14 weeks for C-section recovery). It can be adapted to your needs depending where you are at in your postnatal journey. The program includes:

    Planned App training: access the on-demand workouts anytime, anywhere from my App. Including reminders to complete all exercises daily


    2 training phases to adapt to the needs of your body after childbirth and get you back in Shape

    • Regaining your basic strength (Weeks 1-5 for vaginal birth and Weeks 1-7 for C-Section): recharging short sessions to fit your baby-schedule and get some time for yourself. Focus is your pelvic floor and your abdominal wall. From week 3 (or 5 for C-Section) you have one weekly short guided exercise session with Amparo to get you ready for phase 2 of the program
    • Getting back in shape (Weeks 6-12 for vaginal birth and Weeks 8-14 for C-section): continue with basic training and add 3 workouts per week that gradually increase in intensity. 1 guided workout "live" with Amparo and 2 full-body exercise-based workouts. Focus is to progressively get you fitter and stronger, regain your body shape and fitness level.


    200+ exercises, you will never get bored


    Core foundational exercises to correct diastasis recti and regain your abs, back and pelvic floor strength


    Access to 10+ informative videos with everything you need to know to exercising after childbirth


    The Back in Shape program is recognized as a postnatal recovery course by most swiss health insurance companies.

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