What people like you have to say about fit now

"If you ask me, the word that describes Amparo best is "real". She is always 100% true to herself and her goals. This is one of the things which make me admire her so much. Amparo does not need to put on a fake smile to motivate her participants. During her lessons she can be angry and shout, while still giving me feelings of pure joy and happiness. That is, because I realize how dedicated she is to being an amazing teacher. Her technique is always flawless, and if yours is not, she will correct you and correct you until you get there and achieve your personal goals. Amparo doesn't do things halfway or sloppy. It's either all or nothing at all. That crazy power lady is one of my biggest idols, and being able to learn from her, week by week, means everything to me!" - Leandra, Zurich

"My resolution for 2020 was to change some bad habits, improve my trainings, lose weight… I wanted to create a better routine for myself. I met Amparo in January 2020 and from the beginning, I had a great feeling about the method and the approach that she created for me. I know that I would have never achieved the changes that I wanted without Amparo. She is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of her profession. But pay attention, if you are just looking for another coach that will promise you changes without any work or "pain", this is not how things will work with Amparo. She will put you out of you confort zone and push you hard to change yourself. So if you really want to change and feel better, look better, then Amparo is the right coach for you. When I started to work with her my weight was 101kg, and in April 2020 my weight is 95.5kg. I was able to change my training style and my nutrition completely, and I feel much better in lots of ways." - Viktor, Zurich

"Amparo is honestly the best trainer I think I have ever had. Her energy during every class pushes me to keep going, even when I don't think I will survive. Not only is she motivating, but she truly believes in what she is doing and her knowledge and level of fitness is inspiring and makes me look forward to her classes. I am lucky to not only have her as an instructor, but also as a friend" - Selena, Zurich

"I started my first workout with Amparo in the summer of 2017 - back then it was very hard to keep up with the moves. I felt tired, had pain from moving little... I realized that I did not take care of my body very well. I started the trainings with the intention to change this situation: I was ready for a change in my life. Amparo gives me the support and motivation I really need during this change. Today I feel in shape, healthy and happy. Amparo is always there to remind us that you cannot give up or quit yourself, and that you have to believe and love yourself." - Gianna, Zurich