Nutrition plan

Have you heard the sentence "You are what you eat"? It's true! Achieving your fitness goals heavily depends on a proper nutrition plan - what and how you eat will do 80% of the job and training the other 20%. However, both are important and dependent on each other. An individually tailored nutritional program, in combination with a suitable workout, will ultimately deliver the results you are searching for: reducing fat, growing muscle and feeling healthy and energized!


Adapting your diet and calory intake is complex, since you should not radically cut on calories without considering all aspects that affect your body. It is key that your body is always provided with enough energy and all essential macronutrients. My nutrition coaching is about helping you understand how to make better food choices and getting rid of of bad and empty eating habits. Personally, I am not about counting calories or eating just one type of food. truly believe and support healthy and sustainable eating habits, not "miracle-perfect-body-in-2-weeks-diets". 


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The basic nutrition guide is great if you are looking to know more about nutrition, your body and how to create your own diet plan. It includes:

  • 4 digital sessions of 30 minutes each covering the topics:
    • Nutrition basics
    • Body measurements, key fitness indicators and personal goals
    • Routines and empty habits
    • Healthy and sustainable meal and lifestyle changes
  • Food diary review
  • Support in creating sustainable meal and lifestyle plan 

Costs: CHF 500.-

Duration: approx. 2 months


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The advanced nutrition coaching is great if you would like to get a personalized nutrition plan and an introduction to personal training. It includes:

  • All the benefits from the Silver package
  • 2-week personalized nutrition plan 
  • 2 personal training sessions
  • Final personal or digital appointment to review results and define next steps

Costs: CHF 900.-

Duration: approx. 3-4 months


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The personalized nutrition coaching and personal training package is the right one for you if you are looking for a lifestyle change. It includes: 

  • All the benefits from the Gold package
  • Monthly reviews of personalized nutrition plan
  • 12 personal training sessions
  • 2 additional personal or digital appointments to review results and define next steps
  • Close coaching and constant check on goals set 
  • Falling in love with exercise and healthy nutrition

Costs: CHF 1900.-

Duration: approx. 6 months


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A tailored nutrition and workout plan can improve your lifestyle and quality of life, that might be currently limited by your fitness condition (especially in the case of overweight). You can increase your endurance and strength, change the shape of your body, reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass, feel more energized and confident.


However, to achieve the desired results, these programs might need lifestyle changes which require commitment, discipline, motivation and accountability. We will have to work closely together and your involvement is key. I enjoy working with people who take the program seriously and are willing to work hard for a change. You will need to register what you eat, and we will have to meet regularly to discuss your diet, habits, fitness level, etc. as well as to implement our nutrition and training plan.


Results might vary depending on many factors such as health condition (mental, such as stress, and physical) and body type, among others.